Preda Rhinestones Abaya

RM300.00 MYR

  • Nidha material, non stretchy fabric. Front open style with button fastening.
  • Abaya comes with a free shawl.
  • Please add to cart gift bag for premium packaging.
    Premium dust bag
  • This abaya is nursing-friendly due to the front open style.
  • To make it front closed style, we can join the front slit. Please add to cart the alteration fee.
    Open-Closed type


  • Actual colours may vary due to lighting and differences in monitors.
  • Free Shayla (colour) is subject to material availability and could differ due to material unavailability/lighting/screen settings.
  • All of our abaya comes originally from UAE and you may experiencing some rhinestones will fall down (5% - 10%) due to they just glued the rhinestones using their machine.

Care/wash instruction for beaded/handwork abaya such as Preda, Herat, Herne, Madha, Maria 

  1. Rinse the abaya alone in clean water for a few seconds. (Do not use detergent)
  2. Hang dry / let the clothes dry. (Do not wring out clothes)


Dry clean only