Nadra Obsidian Gold Abaya



  • Premium Nidha material, non-stretchy fabric. Front open style with button fastening.
  • Abaya comes with a free shawl.
  • Please add to the cart gift bag for premium packaging.
    Premium dust bag
  • This abaya is nursing friendly due to the front open style.
  • All of our abayas come originally from UAE and you may experience some rhinestones / beads will fall down (5% - 10%)
  • To make it front closed style, we can join the front slit. Please add to the cart the alteration fee.
    Open-Closed type
  • This unique abaya cannot be altered body due to features and details.


Actual colours may vary due to lighting and differences in monitors.
Free Shayla (colour) is subject to material availability and could differ due to material unavailability/lighting/screen settings.

Dear valued customers,

All coloured abayas might have a remaining chemical odour due to the colour dye used during production. The odour will be gone after a few time washes. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Your feedback will be taken for future improvements. Thank you.